OG Media Filter

Remove particulates and Iron.
No costly cartridges to replace.

FCI Watermakers manufactures Stainless Steel Media Filter system for Neptune+ OG for particulate and iron removal.

  • OG Media Filter

OG Media Filter Specs

Available Output
Media filters are sized to the feed flow of your watermaker.
Models and specifications available in the download below.
  • Get OG Media Filter Spec Sheet


OG Media Filter is specifically manufactured for the Neptune+OG.

Components & Variations

Key Features
  • Pressure transducers: monitor and display Differential Pressure on the V4 Control System.
  • Lifting eyes: for easy transportation and installation.
  • Actuated valves: NEMA 4X with manual override.
  • Pipe supports: added reinforcements to protect plumbing.
  • Frame: available in aluminum or 316 SS. All parts are mounted and protected within the frame.

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