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John Bayliss; Founder of Bayliss Boatworks

“We’ve been using FCI Watermakers since the very beginning. They were recommended to us by captains that had experience with them in the past, so we took their suggestions seriously and installed our first set about fourteen years ago. Ever since, FCI has provided us with a robust, dependable, and very serviceable watermaker that we can easily recommend to our owners. They have kept up with the times, and even listened to some of the suggestions that we’ve offered for improvement – that tells me a lot about the company. As for service and parts, they’ve been right there when we needed them, and I see no reason to look elsewhere.”

Andres Hernandez; Owner of Trianis Marine Service

“I have been dealing with FCI Watermakers first hand for the best part of 12 years. During this time I also dealt with other major brands in the marine reverse osmosis industry and I can testify that FCI Watermakers is hands down the best in the industry. They have managed to build units that are not only aesthetically pleasing for the engine rooms of today’s yachts, but also, technologically superior to the other brands out there.

FCI Watermakers has worked where others have failed. Besides being up to par with today’s modern systems, they are also incredibly reliable and tough. I will not suggest any other equipment to my customers. The technical support we receive in the field directly from Scott, the owner, and Mark, the lead engineer, is outstanding. This is very important for us since most of our clients are always on the move and need the systems up and running as quickly as possible.”

Burr Yacht Sales

“We have been installing the various models of FCI watermakers and dockside water systems for quite a number of years and have continually been impressed with the products. Our customers mandate high-quality equipment on their cruising yachts and these watermakers are perfectly in line with that philosophy. FCI watermakers allow our customers to cruise their boats without the need to visit a dock for water refills, from the outer islands of the Bahamas to the isolated parts of Maine, they have had a great experience with the products.

From a service and support side, FCI makes sure that our technicians have the information and resources that they need in order to ensure a first-class installation and maintenance regime.”


“Mark and I had a GREAT conversation this evening for almost 90 minutes. I have a very solid understanding of likely issues with my aging membranes, and a range of options for servicing my current unit, upgrading certain features, and completely replacing the unit. Mark demonstrates the best aspects of professional service. Not just a wealth of knowledge, which is important, but a willingness to invest time with a customer to help with an issue. Gosh, I wish so many others in the marine industry would follow this wonderful example exhibited by Mark from FCI. Steve, thank you for the connection to Mark. Your confidence in him and FCI is certainly well placed and clearly earned through experiences like this.”

Captain Zack

“We are extremely pleased with the mobile dock system. It has worked wonders for us!”

Des Caling

“I am simply amazed that the FCI Watermaker fitted to my Dreamcatcher. I can leave it for 9 months, simply start it, flush out the picketing solution and it’s good to go…all things considered, including its age, it really is trouble-free. Last year in the height of the Covid issues I spent five months living onboard using the watermaker every couple of days. It always responded with trouble-free operation delivering water with TDS less than 80 ppm…it’s hard to improve a product that is so well engineered.”

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