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With the V4, the industry’s most advanced control system is at your fingertips. The intuitive interface includes one-touch Startup and Fresh Water Flushes with easy access to system customization and automated features. There’s even an on-screen help menu. The V4 enables you to instantly install, run and modify your system to meet your watermaking needs with complete automation.

AQ3 Remote

Additional displays enable you to program and access the system from a remote location. 

The Aqualite and Aquamiser+ Series controls are packed with the essential features you are accustomed to with FCI Watermakers. One-touch operation and customization procedures enable you to run and modify your system to meet your minute-by-minute needs.

  • HMI Remote Display
  • AQ3 Remote

Remote Display Specs



    Additional Remote Displays

    Additional remote enable you to program and access the system from a remote location. The V4 interface is available in 7″ or 4.3″ marine-grade, high resolution, and full-color HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen. FCI touch screen displays can be installed with confidence because they will not interfere with other on-board electronics. Our monitors are Bridge Classified for marine use with Type Approval Certifications from: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

    Parts & Dimensions

    HMI Standard Features
    • Multiple languages.
    • Pump Sequence time setting for load management and prime time installation variations.
    • Adjustable produced water diversion setting. Set the PPM divert level to the water quality of choice.
    • Track the amount of water made at each run time, or the total amount made for the life of the system.
    • track service intervals for cartridge changes, oil changes, fresh water flush changes either graphically via the built-in service screen or the pop-up notification screens.
    • Program the automatic Fresh Water Flush to engage when you want—daily, weekly, or monthly. Set the duration of the flush to coincide with your available fresh water pressure to ensure a through flush.
    • Install a 7" or 4.3" remote station to the existing terminal on the V4.
    • Unique IP address for remote access.
    • Connect the V4 to your NMEA 2000 compatible system (with optional module).
    • Adjust HMI light level for night running.
    • Adjust flow units and pressure to English or Metric.
    • Set up your V4 control to operate automatically with tank level float switches.
    • Monitor high- and low-pressure reading at the system or with available remote.
    • Built-in or on-screen diagnostics and alarm faults history.
    • Protection against over production.
    • Protection against low flow or low feed pressure condition.
    • Pre-filter and Fresh Water Flush filter life tracking.
    • Oil change life tracking.
    • On-screen fault condition resolution troubleshooting advice.
    • Worry-free customization settings. Operational settings an be changed and saved. If you make a mistake, the control can easily be reset to factory defaults.
    • Multi-level security ensures protection against unauthorized system changes. No alterations can be made without the authorization code.
    AQ3 Standard Features
    • Remote system control up to 150' away
    • Readout of product TDS
    • Automatic tank level controls
    • Programmable times/set points and display settings

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