Titan produces a tidal wave of clean, fresh water.

GPD 62,000+ | Power 41.01-104.40 kW | VAC 208-240 / 380 / 480

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How Much Water Do You Need?

Gallons Per Day CalculatorSizing a Watermaker is best done by considering the amount of time it takes to fill an empty tank when power is available.


Titan produces a tidal wave of clean, fresh water.

The Titan Series is admired worldwide for its reliability, design and low maintenance. The Titan Series is completely customizable and configurable to fit a wide range of applications. Add a next generation V5 HMI/PLC Touch Screen Controller, Energy Recovery, fully automated media filtration, fully automated pressure control, and massive high-capacity membranes; these custom systems are a special breed of Watermakers, built and tailored to your unique specifications.

Key Features

  • Tailored to your specifications and needs
  • Manual or fully-automated operation
  • 10” Marine Certified V5 HMI/PLC Touch Screen Controller
  • NEMA 4X Enclosures and Valves
  • Remote monitoring via computer or smartphone

Typical Sea Water Conditions

Temperature 77° F / 25° C
TDS 35,000
Pressure 825 PSI

Ideal For

  • Seaside Resort
  • Local Municipality
  • Oil Platform

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