Winterizing Your Reverse Osmosis Watermaker in 5 Easy Steps

Winterizing your FCI Watermaker

It’s almost winter, and time to winterize your FCI Watermaker.  Below is the basic 5-step winterization process. You can also refer to your full FCI Watermakers User Manual as you follow along.  Step 1: Determine how long your system will be shut down and if it will be exposed to subfreezing temperatures, i.e., below 32°F.…

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What Are The Differences Between Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis?

fci watermakers blog difference between reverse osmosis and water softening

Reverse Osmosis or RO is often confused with water softening technology. While both technologies can accomplish some of the same water quality objectives, there are significant differences. The starting point for any potential water quality technology user is to define the problem you are trying to solve.  Some use cases for water treatment include: Removal…

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Why RO Water Is Important For Farmers

fci watermakers blog why RO water is important for farmers

In many parts of the world, agriculture is a leading industry, but providing adequate supplies of clean water is an issue. Take a closer look at why constant, clean water is so important for farming. Growing cycles depend on our most important and vital element, water. The more control farmers have over their inputs, the…

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What Does Reverse Osmosis Have To Do With Exceptional Craft Beer?

fci watermakers blog importance of water quality in brewing

Brewers instinctively understand the importance of water quality in brewing, but what’s in the science? We turned to the experts at Green Biz to sum up the critical importance of water quality in beer making: Today, modern brewers rely on clean water to make their product. Because no matter how carefully craft brewers tweak their…

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Industrial Process Reverse Osmosis

fci watermakers blog m4 case study

Reverse Osmosis is often viewed only in the context of desalination. While desalination is a common application for commercial reverse osmosis solutions, there are many others. In fact, there are a multitude of diverse applications and manufacturing processes that require industrial process water purification solutions. Essentially any industrial process that requires a precisely controlled supply…

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Keeping it Fresh in St. Croix

St. Croix Case Study

Keeping it Fresh in St. Croix Resort owners and operators in tropical locations, like the Mediterranean, North and South Pacific and the Caribbean, are constantly facing the challenge of providing fresh water to their operations – and more importantly for their guests. Relying on island municipalities for water services can be difficult, since many of…

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Taking Control of Your Utility

FCI Watermakers Safe Drinking Water Utility

Safe Water Equals Satisfied Guests “Is it safe to drink the water?” If you’re an owner or operator in the hospitality industry – and you’re located on an island or similar area where the water service isn’t reliable – you’ve probably fielded this question more than a few times. In fact, it’s one of the…

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Upgrade Your Yacht with a World Class Watermaker

FCI Watermakers Yacht Upgrades

Yachts are made to look and feel luxurious – from the finished staterooms to comfortable and spacious salons and gleaming decks.  However, like your home, a yacht can always use upgrades and new appointments – whether it’s an audio system that pumps out tunes or a diving platform so you and your guests can enjoy…

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Water Spots: The Spots That Damage Your Vehicle

Spot Free Water | FCI Watermakers
Removing water spots on your boat, RV, or jetski is more than just a time-consuming chore – they can create lasting damage to the paint and finish. Contaminants and minerals left behind can lead to a dull finish and an entry point for rust. And it all starts with the water you use.

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