Why spot-free water is superior when washing your vehicle

dts mobile spot free water

We all love the feeling of a clean, shiny, showroom-like vehicle, now with the DTS+ Mobile it’s even more achievable with a fraction of the cost and time.  Keeping your vehicle clean is important, not only for the aesthetics but also for the longevity of your car. Regular washing helps to remove dirt, grime, and…

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Watermakers; Why They Are Important At Sea

If you’re planning a long journey at sea, it’s important to consider how you’ll access clean drinking water. Unlike on land, where you can rely on municipal water systems or groundwater sources, the ocean is vast and largely devoid of potable water. One solution to this problem is a reverse osmosis watermaker.  A reverse osmosis…

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Detailer Company Grows Business with this Reverse Osmosis System


Car detailing shops take pride in their ability to make a vehicle look and feel like new. However, one factor that can hinder the final result is water spots left behind after washing. This is where spot-free water machines come in to help. Spot-Free water systems remove impurities and minerals from water, leaving it pure…

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Bridge Integration For Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Solutions


What do one of the world’s leading reverse osmosis water purification product companies for yachts, and one of the world’s leading ship automation companies have in common?    We’re both relentless in our pursuit to set the bar for the maritime industry’s highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality.  At FCI Watermakers, we’ve partnered with…

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Why RO Water Is Important For Farmers

fci watermakers blog why RO water is important for farmers

In many parts of the world, agriculture is a leading industry, but providing adequate supplies of clean water is an issue. Take a closer look at why constant, clean water is so important for farming. Growing cycles depend on our most important and vital element, water. The more control farmers have over their inputs, the…

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What Does Reverse Osmosis Have To Do With Exceptional Craft Beer?

fci watermakers blog importance of water quality in brewing

Brewers instinctively understand the importance of water quality in brewing, but what’s in the science? We turned to the experts at Green Biz to sum up the critical importance of water quality in beer making: Today, modern brewers rely on clean water to make their product. Because no matter how carefully craft brewers tweak their…

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Taking Control of Your Utility

FCI Watermakers Safe Drinking Water Utility

Safe Water Equals Satisfied Guests “Is it safe to drink the water?” If you’re an owner or operator in the hospitality industry – and you’re located on an island or similar area where the water service isn’t reliable – you’ve probably fielded this question more than a few times. In fact, it’s one of the…

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Water Spots: The Spots That Damage Your Vehicle

Spot Free Water | FCI Watermakers
Removing water spots on your boat, RV, or jetski is more than just a time-consuming chore – they can create lasting damage to the paint and finish. Contaminants and minerals left behind can lead to a dull finish and an entry point for rust. And it all starts with the water you use.

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RV Living: Necessities on the road

The secret is out. RV life is in. Booming RV sales over the last couple of years prove that more of us are ready to experience the nomadic life, traveling the country in search of adventures on a road trip that never ends. Whether it’s your home-on-wheels, office-on-wheels, school-on-wheels, or all of the above, life…

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Per Day vs Per Hour: Common Misconceptions when Purchasing a Watermaker

Per Day vs Per Hour: Common Misconceptions when Purchasing a Watermaker | FCI Watermakers
If you’re a boat enthusiast shopping for a reliable reverse osmosis watermaker, you’ve probably zeroed in on the gallons-per-day specs of a system’s water output. But it’s the gallons-per-hour that is the key to making the right purchase decision.

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Clean, Fresh Water More Than A Luxury On A Large Yacht

The freshwater demands on a large yacht are considerable. Beyond mere drinking and bathing, there’s often a need to fill hot tubs and pools, and use them for boat systems and routine deck washing. FCI Watermakers’ innovative Neptune series makes from 3,400 – 10,000 gallons of pure, fresh water every day—enough for the most sizable…

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Global Service Network Ensures Clean, Fresh Water 24/7

In sixty countries across six continents, FCI Watermakers has the resources in place to keep its high-performance, continuous-duty reverse osmosis desalinization units in peak condition. Its worldwide network of authorized dealers and distributors are ready to assist professional mariners, no matter how distant the port of call. FCI Watermakers parts are non-proprietary. This is essential…

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