RV Living: Necessities on the road

The secret is out. RV life is in. Booming RV sales over the last couple of years prove that more of us are ready to experience the nomadic life, traveling the country in search of adventures on a road trip that never ends. Whether it’s your home-on-wheels, office-on-wheels, school-on-wheels, or all of the above, life in an RV gives you the lifestyle freedom you crave. Before beginning your trek, you will likely go through your “Checklist” to make sure all maintenance is up-to-date, safety essentials are packed, and you are stocked up on everyday items you will need for your next excursion. Now that you have gone through your maintenance checklist and stocked up on all of your safety and essential items, what’s next?

Often Overlooked Essentials

Maybe one of the most challenging things about living life in an RV is making sure you have everything you need before you head out on the road. There are the essentials like safety and maintenance that are no-brainers, but an area that gets overlooked is your water! 

Road grime, dust, and other debris not only look unsightly, but they can also cover up unforeseen problems like dents or rust, and they can permanently etch the exterior. Additionally, water that is high in minerals can wreak havoc on your internal plumbing, faucets, showerheads, and toilets…not to mention it may not be the best to cook with! That’s why you want to use Spot-Free Purified water to wash your rig and fill up your water storage! 

FCI Watermakers’ DTS + Mobile, used by professional detailers and RV cleaning contractors, is compact, lightweight, easy to move, and easy to use. You just connect it to a garden hose, plug it into a standard utility outlet, and start making Spot-Free Purified water. DTS + Mobile removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS), purifying water as low as 5ppm, and leaves the RV with a spot-free shin with no need to towel dry. You save time and money on cleaning. Due to the ultra-low TDS of the Spot-Free Purified water, there is virtually no mineral buildup on your internal plumbing.

The DTS + Mobile Spot-Free Purified water system is safe for all RV exteriors, including metal, paint or fiberglass, and provides a spot-free shine no matter the body type. You can use it on:

  • Canopies
  • Gaskets and sealants
  • Tires and wheel covers
  • Undercarriages

Thinking about making RV a lifestyle?  Learn how FCI Watermakers DTS + Mobile Spot-Free Purified water system can make life easier on the road. Get a quote today!