Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition: Luxury Enhanced by FCI Watermakers

Albemarle Boatworks, a renowned boat manufacturer based in North Carolina, has launched the Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition, a flagship model that has quickly garnered attention for its advanced features and exceptional performance. Central to its allure is the incorporation of FCI Watermakers’ state-of-the-art water treatment technology, specifically the Max Q + APC Modular and Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass system! Explore the collaboration between Albemarle Boatworks and FCI Watermakers, integrating advanced water treatment solutions on Albemarles luxury boats.  

About Albemarle Boatworks

  • Location: Edenton, North Carolina
  • Industry: Boat manufacturing
  • Specialization: Sportfishing yachts and luxury boats
  • Reputation: Known for high-quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and superior performance

The Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition

The Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition is the latest addition to Albemarle Boatworks’ esteemed fleet, designed to offer unparalleled comfort and functionality for long-range sportfishing and luxury cruising. Key features include:

  • Length: 53 feet
  • Beam: 16 feet
  • Power: Standard power is twin CAT C18 at 1150 HP diesels, and an upgrade to MTU 10V 1600 HP is available
  • Accommodations: Spacious interiors with high-end amenities featuring a 2 stateroom design with flexible 3rd stateroom or tackle room!
  • Technology: Equipped with advanced navigation station designed to house a pair of 22” or three 16” MFD’s, Furuno Omni Sonar capable, and water treatment devices

Integration of FCI Watermakers

The Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition is equipped with FCI Watermakers’ Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass system, an advanced water treatment device designed to ensure a consistent supply of pure, fresh water while at sea. Key benefits of the Max Q Double Pass include:

  • High Purity Water Production: The double pass system ensures the highest level of water purity by running the water through two reverse osmosis processes.
  • Efficiency: Capable of producing large volumes of fresh water with minimal energy consumption, essential for extended voyages.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Touchscreen controls and remote monitoring capabilities allow for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring long-term reliability.

The Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass System components can be installed to fit your given space without sacrificing performance. It is controlled by an exclusive marine certified touch screen monitor and is specified with NEMA 4X rated enclosures and valves, which are corrosion resistant, and protected against directed water intrusion.

Impact on Albemarle 53

Enhanced Comfort and Self-Sufficiency

By integrating the Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass system, the Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition offers its owners and guests enhanced comfort and self-sufficiency. The ability to produce high-purity water on demand reduces the need for large freshwater storage tanks, freeing up space and weight for other amenities and improving overall vessel efficiency.

Extended Voyages

The reliable fresh water supply provided by the Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass allows for longer trips without the need to make frequent stops for water replenishment. This is particularly beneficial for sportfishing expeditions and long-range cruising, where the convenience of a continuous fresh water supply enhances the overall experience.

Increased Market Appeal

The integration of advanced water treatment technology from FCI Watermakers adds significant value to the Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition, making it more appealing to discerning buyers who prioritize luxury, convenience, and self-sufficiency. This collaboration underscores Albemarle Boatworks’ commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology and maintaining its reputation for high-quality, innovative yacht design.

The collaboration between Albemarle Boatworks and FCI Watermakers on the Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition exemplifies how integrating advanced water treatment solutions can enhance the functionality, comfort, and market appeal of luxury boats. The Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass system not only ensures a reliable supply of high-purity water but also contributes to the overall efficiency and self-sufficiency of the vessel. This case study highlights the successful partnership between two industry leaders dedicated to delivering exceptional products and experiences to their customers.