FCI Watermakers Safe Drinking Water Utility

Taking Control of Your Utility

Safe Water Equals Satisfied Guests

“Is it safe to drink the water?”

If you’re an owner or operator in the hospitality industry – and you’re located on an island or similar area where the water service isn’t reliable – you’ve probably fielded this question more than a few times.

In fact, it’s one of the top searches by people who are doing research when they’re planning an international vacation. Guests and employees expect to have access to safe water – whether it’s for drinking, showering, preparing food and doing laundry. 

A reverse osmosis system filters out bacteria and contaminants that can cause a variety of health problems – not a condition that your guests want to experience when they’re on a dream vacation.

Controlling Your Utility 

No more relying on local services and spending time making phone calls or having to schedule a service call. You’re in charge of a resource that plays a major role in the success of your organization.

Having your own system means you won’t have to explain to your guests why there’s no water for showering or the kitchen is shut down because the municipal water works is experiencing disruptions or has to shut down several hours each day due to rationing or wanting to conserve their supply of water. 

When you have to provide everyone with bottled water, you’re not only wasting money, the message you’re sending to guests isn’t very positive. 

Environmentally conscious guests may not be happy when they consider the high amount of plastic that’s used everyday. You’ll also need to separate plastics from other garbage and refuse – another task for your already busy staff.

Resorts and hotels aren’t the only operations who need to have a supply of fresh water. Local municipalities, oil rig platforms, and large commercial vessels can also benefit from a reliable reverse osmosis system.

Small to medium sized health care facilities also need access to clean and safe water to administer help and aid to their patients. Unsafe water in these kinds of facilities can cause further problems and introduce contaminants that can lead to infection

The Titan Series

FCI Watermakers is one of the leaders in providing commercial operations with water filtration systems that are reliable because they’re crafted with superior materials and designed and engineered by experienced experts. 

The Titan Series is designed to produce 55,000 to 264,000 gallons per day, and are designed to be easily maintained. The unit can be operated manually or automatically, and this second option saves time and labor costs.

In addition, the units can be controlled remotely via an application, so adjustments and monitoring of water levels can be performed on smartphones and tablets.

Completely customizable, the Titan has a ride range of applications, and features:

  • V5 HMI/PLC Touch Screen Controller
  • Energy Recovery
  • Fully automated media filtration
  • Fully automated pressure control
  • Massive high-capacity membranes

Why FCI?

We’re proud that our company is a true innovator of commercial watermakers – or to put it another way, we’re experts in helping resort operations throughout the world provide fresh, disease free water to their guests – so you can secure fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow

For almost three decades FCI Watermakers has continued to develop new technologies and products that are designed to withstand heavy use without needing to be constantly monitored and maintained. 

As a company, we stand behind every product we sell, and offer excellent customer service and warranties on our products. 

If you have questions about the Titan, or any other freshwater making solution, you can contact the experts at FCI Watermakers. Our services also provide on-call availability and our technical support is unmatched.