Bridge Integration For Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Solutions

What do one of the world’s leading reverse osmosis water purification product companies for yachts, and one of the world’s leading ship automation companies have in common? 


We’re both relentless in our pursuit to set the bar for the maritime industry’s highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality. 

At FCI Watermakers, we’ve partnered with global maritime and ship automation company, Böning Ship Automation, to take our industry-leading watermaker solutions to the next level.

How vital is ship and bridge automation for yacht and commercial vessel owners? 

The global automation experts at Automation.com offered some thoughts in a recent article: 

System reliability is of the utmost importance with any vessel and one of the key factors considered for any component or item of equipment to be included aboard a ship. Many different systems are required and are typically designed in a stand-alone manner because this relative simplicity often translates into many years of reliable service. However, modern systems are more capable and there is a call for a more integrated approach.

At the end of the day, modern yachting and ship operations are all about integrated systems and controls.

One of the most critical components of an oceangoing vessel is its freshwater system.

At FCI Watermakers, we take the business of marine-based freshwater systems seriously. That’s why we’ve partnered with Böning Ship Automation, a world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic systems for ship automation and control.

Together, Böning and FCI Watermakers are taking shipboard reverse osmosis systems and automation to the next level.

What this partnership means for yacht and ship owners.

It’s all about you. At FCI Watermakers, we’re laser-focused on making your life at sea safer, hassle-free, and less stressful. And ship systems automation and bridge integration are pillars of our watermaker solutions strategy.  

Ship automation is designed to provide safety, efficiency, ship system optimization, monitoring, and continuous access to critical information. FCI Watermakers and Böning now offer automation, control, and monitoring of our RO water makers along with the complete reverse osmosis water-making process and equipment. 

What are the operational benefits for yacht and ship owners and operators?

Ship automation solutions are about safety and peace of mind at their core. Passengers and crew are safer when the captain and crew have operational access to all critical ship systems data from a single information console on the bridge.

Now they can monitor and control the water-making process and equipment, including pumps, pressure, temperature, TDS/water quality, system status, faults, warnings, and more. 

Our watermakers still have their marine-grade touch control panel on the FCI Watermaker in the engine room. But now that information is also available for centralized monitoring and viewing from the bridge integration console. 

More information at the fingertips of the captain and crew means safer, optimized ship operations.   

Ship automation and integration now include FCI Watermakers. 

Böning bridge integration solutions with these critical systems now include your mission-critical freshwater solution: 

  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • Control and Automation Systems
  • Integrated Bridge Systems
  • Engine Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Navigation Lights Control Systems
  • BNWAS (Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System)
  • FCI Watermakers-RO Solutions 
  • Trim Tabs Control Systems
  • Sensors and Transducers
  • DeviceNet / CAN Bus cables
  • Door Access Control Systems
  • Control Panels for windlass, ship whistle, thrusters, searchlights, engine start/stop, deadman alarm.

Where can you go for more info, like when is it available, what does an installation look like, etc.? 

Most FCI Watermakers are currently supported by Böning bridge integration systems on all new installations. You can also do a simple, straightforward retrofit if you own a yacht or ship with an FCI Watermaker and Böning Bridge Controls.

Call our team and find out what your options are. We’re here to help you have a safer, hassle-free journey. 

We’re proud to be partners with a global leader in ship automation and bridge integration. In a maritime world that’s constantly changing, you need a partner with the experience and knowledge to keep pace. That partner is FCI Watermakers.

Innovation, engineering excellence, and unsurpassed product quality are at the core of everything we do. Want to talk about an integrated solution for your ship or yacht? 

Maybe you just have some questions? Call us at 800.850.0123 or get in touch with our team online today.