Water Spots: The Spots That Damage Your Vehicle

Whether you spend your time cruising the ocean in your boat, skipping across the water on your jet ski, or traveling the open roads in your motorhome, you need to keep your vehicles looking their best. There’s nothing worse than finishing up your cleaning chores only to see water spots on every surface that you just spent time and money to make shine.

Water spots are more than just ugly, they can also cause serious damage to paint and finishes. They can hide dents and scratches that can eventually turn into rust and even leave imprints that require deeper cleaning and waxing. For something that seems so trivial, water spots are no joke – and to make it more complicated, they come in three different types.

Type I Water Spots

These are the most common type of water spots and are the result of using hard water – which contains a high degree of minerals. Hard water doesn’t mix well with soap, which means fewer suds and less dirt removal.

The main components of these spots are a combination of minerals and dirt, which lay on the surface of the paint. They result from not drying the surface enough – and if they are not cleaned off, the result is etching in the finish of the paint. That leads to a dull finish and the potential for rust to take root.

Type II Water Spots

These water spots pack more of a punch because they’re actually etchings or craters in finish or paint. This is caused by water that contains corrosive substances. Once this type of water dries, these substances go to work on the surface, eating away paint and the top layer of your finish. More than just an eyesore, Type II water spots create damage that will cost money to repair – along with your time.

Type III Water Spots

If your vehicle is coated with single-stage paint – basically only one coat of paint instead of the traditional two coats – Type III water spots can be a huge headache. After they land on the paint, the minerals and other contaminants drill under the paint, causing it to fade and lose its luster. Removing these types of spots requires an expensive, multi-step process.

Spot Prevention

The water spots that seem to bloom across your vehicle are more than eyesores, they can be harmful to the paint and finish. These spots are the result of using hard water that doesn’t generate enough soap suds. Washing a vehicle that’s been in the sun is another trigger for spots because they evaporate before you can dry them with a cloth or chamois.

Preventing water spots from forming on the surface of your boat, jet ski, or RV starts with using spot-free water, water that is free from contaminants or minerals. These are the heavier substances that are left behind once the water dries. 

The purer the water, the less chance you have of creating water spots. While this is a simple guideline to follow, finding this type of water isn’t always easy. However, you can treat your water before it reaches the surface of your vehicle with a portable water filtration machine. Designed to filter water from any source. 

The DTS+Mobile

Getting spot-free water to wash any vehicle doesn’t have to be a major operation. The DTS+Mobile is a portable spot-free water system that filters 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from any municipal or dockside water services for a spot-free rinse. Built to last and easy to use and portable. The unit features a 100% sealed electrical plug for maximum safety. 

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