How freshwater is transforming food, tourism, and life at sea

What does a chef, an island resort, and a yacht owner have in common?


They all need a reliable source of freshwater — and they all count on FCI Watermakers to provide it!

The Chef 

A former New York City pastry chef turned up the heat and headed the Las Vegas Strip for his new venture. His tried and true recipes were falling flat and the problem was traced back to the local water. The chef was accustomed to granite filtered water from the big apple. He learned that the pH and total dissolved solids (TDS) profile (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates) in Las Vegas have affected the performance and taste of his prized goods. 

FCI Watermakers designed a custom system that filters and treats the local water to bring it up to the chef’s high standards.

The Resort 

On a small island in the South Pacific is a picturesque resort surrounded by seawater. The resort was looking for a solution to provide a sufficient amount of water and use as little energy as possible. With diesel-run generators providing all the power on the island, electricity was a major expense. 

FCI solved both problems by providing a custom-designed skid-mounted freshwater conversion system for the resort. Not only does it provide plenty of freshwater for all the resort’s needs, but it also massively reduces energy costs by running on 30 hp compared to their previous 100 hp. 

Our watermakers can recover up to 40% of energy by using pressure exchanger technology, which captures the energy and in the brine stream and feeds it back into the system.

The Yacht 

Off the shores of Orange Beach in the Gulf of Mexico offers some of the best sportfishing. Captains rely on only the best equipment to maximize every charter trip and take home 1st place in the region’s prestigious fishing tournaments. So, when the Captain of a 62 Viking was continually running into reliability issues on his watermaker, he knew he had to make a change.

Our Captain’s days worrying about water were gone when he was presented with the industry’s only fully automated, one-touch system that can produce water in 3 modes, Seawater, Double Pass, Spot Free water from the Sea, and Spot Free Water from the Dock. The Captain’s decision was further solidified by FCI’s utilization of the industry’s only Marine and Bridge Certified HMI/PLC touch screen for operation.

Now with a watermaker onboard that can handle their every need, our Captain can focus on what really matters to him, fishing!

So whether you’re a Chef, Resort Owner, or Captain looking for a completely tailored solution or reconfiguring an existing system, FCI has an innovative solution to meet and exceed your needs!