Detailer Company Grows Business with this Reverse Osmosis System

Car detailing shops take pride in their ability to make a vehicle look and feel like new. However, one factor that can hinder the final result is water spots left behind after washing. This is where spot-free water machines come in to help.

Spot-Free water systems remove impurities and minerals from water, leaving it pure and clean. This means that when used in car detailing, the water won’t leave any residue or spots on the car’s surface. The FCI Watermakers DTS+ Mobile has made a grand appearance at a car detailing shop. 

S.W.A.G.S Detailing is a full-service auto lab specializing in detailing cars, trucks, boats and RVs in Heber City, Utah.

Learn how the FCI Watermakers DTS+ Mobile helped S.W.A.G.S Detailing level up 

At S.W.A.G.S Detailing their motto is “taking a car and making it look better or newer from the day they picked it up at the dealership.”

“It’s been a total game changer” 

Rex, the owner at S.W.A.G.S Detailing sat down with us and shared his experience since using the DTS+ Mobile. 

We weren’t even using any water treatments, and it was one of our biggest mistakes looking back. I didn’t want to spend the money because I didn’t think we needed it. Now that we have the DTS+ Mobile Reverse Osmosis machine, I can’t go back. 

I tried to use water softeners to do the trick, but it was low yield. We ended up ordering 3 of the DTS+ Mobile machines, as they’ve turned into a necessity in our shop. 

The cost savings are massive 

My guys can wash a car in half the time, and if you’re a business owner, time is money. We go through less than half of the chemicals than before the DTS+ Mobile was here. 

Also, the drying process takes half amount of the time, we used to spend such a large amount of time hand wiping vehicles. With the DTS+ Mobile now all we do is rinse it off, and blow it off with air, which is unheard of. We do take a quick wipe with a towel, but that has been another surprising factor, our towels now last a week, and we don’t have the build-up of soap, debris, or chemicals. 

I can honestly say that I have never seen a water spot with this machine. 

Why car detailing shops should use spot-free water machines:

  1. Improved quality of work: Spot-free water systems ensure that the final result of a car detailing job is as flawless as possible. They help remove all impurities and minerals from the water used for washing, preventing the water from leaving any spots on the car’s surface. This improves the overall quality of work done by the detailing shop, and happier employees, and can lead to more satisfied customers and more business.
  2. Increased efficiency: Spot-free water systems can help save time and effort for detailing shops. Traditional methods of washing and drying a car often require multiple passes, which can be time-consuming and exhausting. With spot-free water, there is no need for multiple passes or drying, as the water doesn’t leave any residue or spots behind. This can help increase the efficiency of the detailing process, allowing the shop to take on more customers and increase their revenue.
  3. Better customer experience: Car owners take pride in their vehicles and want them to look their best. When a detailing shop uses spot-free water, they can ensure that the car will be spotless after washing, providing a better customer experience. This can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
  4. Environmental benefits: Traditional car washing methods can lead to a significant amount of water waste. Spot-free water systems reduce the amount of water used and can also help prevent harmful chemicals from being washed down the drain. This can help detailing shops to be more environmentally responsible, which can be a selling point for customers who prioritize sustainability.

The DTS+ Mobile is a valuable addition to car detailing shops. They can help improve the quality of work, increase efficiency, provide a better customer experience, and have environmental benefits. With these advantages, car detailing shops can improve their reputation and grow their business. Thanks, S.W.A.G.S for the wonderful feedback and journey with the DTS+ Mobile.