St. Croix Case Study

Keeping it Fresh in St. Croix

Keeping it Fresh in St. Croix

Resort owners and operators in tropical locations, like the Mediterranean, North and South Pacific and the Caribbean, are constantly facing the challenge of providing fresh water to their operations – and more importantly for their guests.

Relying on island municipalities for water services can be difficult, since many of these systems can be outdated, in need of repair, or are operated by work crews who may not be trained on the latest techniques.

FCI Watermakers offers a variety of commercial water purifying solutions that are in use around the world in resorts, commercial ships, and oil rigs.

When we were contacted by a resort operation located in St. Croix to help with their water problems, FCI was there to help.

blog st croix case study watermakerChallenge: The Carambola Beach Resort is located in St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. The current water purification system was in need of replacement, and it had to be done quickly without interfering with the operation, and with only a three-day reserve of water, the installation and commissioning had to be done quickly.

Solution: Like many resorts in the tropics, the source of water was seawater drawn through a sand well on the beach. A desalination system converted the seawater to purified water that was used in every facet of the resort – swimming pools, laundry, dining, showering, and consumption.

Our first step was to test the water used by Carambola Beach Resort, and then interview the client to determine their intake needs – and the current state of the machinery being used.

The biggest obstacle was the water tank. Measuring 30 feet tall and holding 240,000 gallons of water. We worked with the local install team to provide all the pre-installation drawing and specification to facilitate a planned and effective installation within the Water reserve timeline.

We quickly determined that the Atlantis unit, from our commercial line was the answer.

Process: The resort was using local contractors for installation of the unit, which was shipped from our location in America. After arriving, it was quickly put into place in the span of four days.

The Atlantis got to work, and with its capacity to process 43,000 gallons a day, there was little to no disruption to the resort’s daily operations.

Since its installation, FCI has projected that Carambola Beach Resort will receive twice as much water as their old system, while only consuming half as much electricity during this process.

The Unit

blog st croix case study watermakerThe Atlantis has multiple benefits and features that are the hallmarks of our units. For starters, the operation is simple because the unit is fully automatic. Personnel need only push the button marked “Start”, and the Atlantis gets to work.

Ease of use is another built-in feature of the Atlantis, thanks to modern technology and app’s. Compatible with most mobile and desktop software platforms, it allows users to:

  • Instantly monitor output
  • Check the status of the unit
  • Receive local or mobile alerts as to when service Items need attention, like simple filter changes.

FCI also has access to the app and can review output, input, and determine if maintenance needs to be performed. We can do this from anywhere in the world.


Carambola Beach Resort is now pumping more than 43,000 gallons of water a day for its operation. The team at FCI Watermakers, along with the personnel of the resort, used our unit, along with hard work, to solve their needs.

Why FCI?

We’re proud that our company is a true innovator of commercial watermakers – and our line of Atlantis units can help resort owners and operators generate more freshwater for their operations.

For 30 years FCI Watermakers has continued to develop new technologies and products that are designed to withstand heavy use without needing to be constantly monitored and maintained.

As a company, we stand behind every product we sell, and offer excellent customer service and warranties on our products.

If you have questions about the Atlantis Series, or any other freshwater making solution, you can contact the experts at FCI Watermakers or find a dealer near you. Our services also provide on-call availability and our technical support is unmatched.