The watermaking king of the seven seas.

GPD 13,000 - 32,000 | Power 18.64 kW | VAC 208-240 / 380 / 480

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How Much Water Do You Need?

Gallons Per Day CalculatorSizing a Watermaker is best done by considering the amount of time it takes to fill an empty tank when power is available.


The watermaking king of the seven seas.

The Poseidon+ marine reverse osmosis system is the industry’s choice when commercial applications call for reliability and substantial capacities of fresh water.


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Key Features

  • Exclusive Marine Certified HMI/PLC Touch Screen V4 Control System
  • Exclusive NEMA 4X rated enclosure
  • Built-in Forklift slots

Typical Sea Water Conditions

Temperature 77° F / 25° C
TDS 35,000
Pressure 825 PSI

Ideal For

  • Offshore Oil Platforms 
  • Petroleum Support Vessels 
  • Commercial Ships 
  • Mid-Sized Hotels 
  • Island Applications 
  • Remote Necessitites

Available Accessories