Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass

Customer Gets Brand New Built and Tested Watermaker Within 14 Days!

From order to shipment date, we were able to get this Florida-based customer a brand new built and tested Watermaker within 14 days! FCI Watermakers was able to locate a dealer just 15 miles away at Escardo Marine, and after two trips to survey and measure for installation the customer was on their way with their new MAX Q + APC/DTS with Spot Free Double Pass offering the utmost versatility.

Why the Max Q + APC/DTS Double Pass?

After discussing multiple options for their vessel, the customer was blown away by the V4 Control System on the Max Q + APC/DTS with Spot Free Double Pass and its 3 modes of operation all in 1 system! Now at the touch of a button they can make Single Pass water from the Sea, Double Pass Spot Free water, and make Spot Free water while dockside. The V4 Control System also gives them visibility on the operating status of the system like the Low and High-Pressure pump pressure, flow rates, PPM readings, rejection, water production, and more!

For more than 30 years FCI Watermakers has provided clean, accessible water to marine vessels of all sizes and we stand behind the quality and engineering of our watermakers and offer high-quality customer service and support whenever needed.