In-line Spot-free Dockside Treatment System.

  • Provides spot-free water from your municipal or dockside source
  • Utilizes your existing pump and control system
  • Up to 70% recovery rate for increased production and less waste
  • Included GAC filter helps prolong membrane life

The FCI DTS+ (Dockside Treatment System) is another FCI Watermakers innovation. It is specifically designed to treat dock water while utilizing your existing Watermakers pump and control system.

DTS+ Specs

Available Output
600 / 700 / 1200 / 1275 / 1800 / 1850
GPD (DTS+ Solo)
2,000 - 3,000
Electrical Requirements
120 / 240
50 / 60
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Dockside Treatment System (DTS) is another FCI Watermakers innovation, specifically designed to treat dock water.

The FCI DTS+ series lets you enjoy fresh purified drinking and cooking water from your dockside source at minimal cost without compromising your sea water membranes. This advanced system includes a GAC filter, and delivers up to 70% recovery rate. That is more than twice the recovery rate of its predecessor. It is optimized for extended membrane life, which means less maintenance, lower operating costs and more enjoyment out on the water.

The FCI DTS+ is an add-on component installed in-line with your FCI Watermaker, and because no additional pumps or secondary system are necessary, installation is a breeze. To size your DTS, match the output of your Watermakers GPD with our full line of DTS models shown on the downloadable specification sheet.

Relish the benefits of Spot-free wash-downs and less time wiping down the boat and extend the life of your vessel’s paint and wax finish. The FCI Dockside Treatment System encompasses all the qualities and reliability you have come to know with FCI Watermakers.

Parts & Dimensions


Control Panel
Width12.00 in / 304.80 mm
Depth6.32 in / 160.53 mm
Height12.84 in / 326.14 mm
GAC Filter
Width12.31 in / 312.67 mm
Depth8.09 in / 205.49 mm
Height13.76 in / 349.50 mm
Pressure Vessels
Width47.40 in / 1203.96 mm
Depth4.39 in / 111.51 mm
Height (1 Vessel)7.00 in / 177.80 mm
Height (2 Vessel)11.45 in / 290.83 mm
Height (3 Vessel)16.00 in / 406.40 mm
DTS+ Benefits
  • Purified dock water for drinking and bathing with no equipment on the dock needed
  • Utilizes your currently installed watermaker and its control system without compromising your sea water membranes
  • Removes up to 99% of TDS
  • Removes viruses, bacteria, and cysts
  • Spot-free wash-down
  • Extends your vessel’s paint and wax life
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • No additional pumps or motors required
  • Preserves your seawater R/O membranes


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