Max Q+ Modular

The industry’s most reliable, and technologically advanced Watermaker for limited installation spaces.

  • Separate components installed to fit your installation space
  • The industry’s only Marine Certified HMI/PLC Touch Screen V4 Control System
  • Exclusive NEMA 4X rated enclosures and valves for safety and protection in harsh environments
  • 4-point Vibration Isolation for exceptionally quiet operation

The Max-Q+ Modular components can be installed to fit your given space without sacrificing performance. It is controlled by an exclusive marine certified touch screen monitor, and is specified with NEMA 4X rated enclosures and valves, which are corrosion resistant, and protected against directed water intrusion.

Max Q+ Modular Specs

Available Output
700 / 1,275 / 1,850
Electrical Requirements
120 / 208-240 / 380 / 480
50 / 60
1 / 3
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The Max-Q+ series pioneered complete automation, and brings you the yachting industry’s first and only marine certified touch screen display. Backed by leading technical support, FCI’s preeminent technology is proven reliable.

The Max-Q+ and Max-Q+APC utilize FCI’s latest generation V4 controller and interface, allowing customization of your Watermaker through intuitive advanced touch screen controls. Our monitors’ higher heat tolerance and system design allows them to work in the harshest environments. FCI touch screen controllers can be installed with confidence, because they are Bridge Certified for marine use with Type Approval Certifications from: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Every Max-Q+ system is supported by mulit-point Vibration Isolation Mounts to dampen sound, making it one of the quietest operating systems around.

Enhance your Max-Q+ Framed or Modular system with Automated Pressure Control, APC, for true, and completely automatic valve adjustments, or upgrade your system at any time with the spot-free DTS+ add-on component. The DTS+ allows you to create purified drinking water, and enjoy the benefits of spot-free wash-downs from your dockside source at minimal cost without compromising your seawater membranes. The FCI DTS+ components are designed to treat municipal dock water in-line while utilizing your Max-Q+ pump and control system. If an all-in-one unit suits your needs, our flagship Max-Q+APC/DTS Double-pass system is for you.

Read more on Why FCI leads the industry in reliability, engineering and technical support.

Typical Sea Water Conditions

77° F / 25° C,
825 PSI

Parts & Dimensions

Max Q+ Modular

Control Panel
Width15.00 in / 127.00 mm
Depth (APC Control)6.80 in / 172.72 mm
Depth (Manual Control)8.45 in / 214.63 mm
Height8.70 in / 220.98 mm
Flow Panel
Width21.50 in / 546.10 mm
Depth7.00 in / 177.80 mm
Height12.10 in / 307.34 mm
HP Pump
Width24.50 in / 622.30 mm
Depth9.65 in / 245.11 mm
Height10.65 in / 270.51 mm
LP Pump
Width7.15 in / 181.61 mm
Depth15.90 in / 402.86 mm
Height10.80 in / 274.32 mm
Width11.10 in / 281.94 mm
Depth9.60 in / 243.83 mm
Height20.50 in / 520.70 mm
Fresh Water Flush
Width9.30 in / 236.22 mm
Depth6.10 in / 154.94 mm
Height12.45 in / 316.23 mm
Pressure Vessels
Width47.00 in / 1193.80 mm
Depth4.00 in / 101.60 mm
Height (1 Vessel)4.00 in / 101.60 mm
Height (2 Vessels)8.25 in / 209.55 mm
Height (3 Vessels)12.50 in / 317.50 mm


V4 Control 4.3 inch (OPTION)
Width5.71 in / 145.03 mm
Depth2.13 in / 54.10 mm
Height4.09 in / 103.89 mm
V4 Control 7 inch (OPTION)
Width8.04 in / 204.22 mm
Depth2.13 in / 54.10 mm
Height5.64 in / 143.26 mm
Standard Features
  • Intuitive HMI/PLC V4 Control System with one touch operation
  • Exclusive Marine Certified 7” Hi-res Touch Screen Display
  • Monitors are Type Approval Certified for marine use by: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • NMEA 2000 compatible
  • Unique IP address for remote access
  • Built-in, on-screen troubleshooting
  • Small frame footprint
  • Ability to relocate Pressure Vessel Assembly and FWF Assembly to reduce frame footprint
  • 316L SS Boost Pump with washdown duty motor and 316L SS motor shaft
  • 316SS HP Pump
  • Flow sensors provide visual indication of product and brine flow
  • Upgradeable to 1,850 GPD
  • Fully automatic programmable Fresh Water Flush with carbon block filter
  • Standard 40 sq. ft. commercial Pre-filter
  • Dual hertz motors for 50 or 60 hertz operation
  • Multiple display station capabilities
  • 40 sq. ft. of 5μ micron pleated filtration
  • 8-point Vibration isolation
  • Automatic Flush system
  • Washdown Duty Motors
  • 316SS pressure transducers
  • Pretreatment lockout
  • Complete exploded view manuals
  • One-piece skid mount design
Optional Equipment / Accessories
  • DTS+, Dockside Treatment System Compatible
  • Bridge Certified 4.3” or 7” remote touch control station
  • pH neutralizer filter
  • Cruising kits
  • UV sterilizers
  • Feed water pressure regulators, relief valves and feed pump
  • Automated and manual Media Filters
  • Custom system designs
  • System soft start

Available Accessories



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