Atlas+ APC/DTS Double-Pass

Your small, mighty and spot-free commercial solution.

  • Compact, High-output Commercial System
  • Exclusive Marine Certified HMI/PLC Touch Screen V4 Control System
  • Exclusive NEMA 4X rated enclosure
  • 8-point Vibration Isolation Mounts for quiet operation

The Atlas+ Series is the most compact commercial system FCI has to offer. Built on the smaller, marine Max-Q+ platform, it has all the working benefits of its much larger, industrial Neptune+ sibling.

Atlas+ APC/DTS Double-pass Specs

Available Output
Seawater GPD
2,000 / 2,500 / 2,800 / 3,600
Double-Pass GPD
1,400 / 1,800 / 2,200 / 2,600
Electrical Requirements
208-240 / 380 / 480
50 / 60
1 / 3
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The industry’s most dependable watermaker and spot-free Dockside Treatment System–DTS, in one compact commercial system.

This all-inclusive system saves up to 40% on initial equipment cost, and 50% less on the installation cost of multiple components. It has all the working benefits of its much larger, industrial Neptune+ sibling with spot-free rinsing capabilities. The Atlas+APC/DTS is fully automated, self-adjusting, and features the industry’s only marine-certified hi-res touch screen panel, which allows you to choose amongst 3 modes: Seawater (seawater to purified water), Double-Pass (seawater to spot-free), or Dockside (municipal to spot-free). Our exclusive, intuitive V4 controls allow you to customize your system, and switch modes with one touch. The heart of the system is a durable wash-down duty, 5 HP motor and a robust 316 stainless steel high pressure pump that allow for extended run times. The Series produces 2,000–3,600 GPD, and is upgradeable throughout the series. The included carbon and sediment pre-filtration optimizes membrane life, resulting in less maintenance and lower operating costs. The DTS removes up to 99.8% of total dissolved solids (TDS), allowing surfaces to air-dry without leaving water spots. Spend less time wiping down surfaces, and relish the benefits of spot-free wash-downs to maintain and extend the life of your finished surfaces and gear.

Typical Sea Water Conditions

77° F / 25° C,

Parts & Dimensions

Atlas+ APC/DTS Double-Pass

Atlas+ APC/DTS Double-Pass
Width (Frame Only)31.10 in / 789.94 mm
Width (Frame + FWF Filter)37.10 in / 942.34 mm
Width (2000-2500 GPD)47.00 in / 1193.80 mm
Width (2800 GPD)54.70 in / 1389.38 mm
Depth (Frame Only)18.30 in / 464.82 mm
Depth (2000-2500 GPD)22.30 in / 566.42 mm
Depth (2800 GPD)24.30 in / 617.22 mm
Height26.60 in / 675.54 mm
3600 GPD Pressure Vessel w/ Bracket
Width54.70 in / 1389.38 mm
Depth6.80 in / 172.72 mm
Height35.00 in / 889.00 mm
NOTE:3600 Pressure Vessels are not attached to the Frame.
Commercial Pre-Filter
Width11.10 in / 281.94 mm
Depth9.60 in / 243.83 mm
Height20.50 in / 520.70 mm
LP Pump
Width6.90 in / 175.26 mm
Depth13.50 in / 342.90 mm
Height9.15 in / 232.41 mm


V4 Remote 7"
Width8.04 in / 204.22 mm
Depth2.13 in / 54.10 mm
Height5.64 in / 143.26 mm
V4 Remote 4.3"
Width5.71 in / 145.03 mm
Depth2.13 in / 54.10 mm
Height4.09 in / 103.89 mm
Standard Features
  • 1 HP 316 SS Feed Pump
  • Commercial Pre-Filter, 40 Sq Ft
  • Robust 316 SS High Pressure Pump
  • Wash-Down Duty Motors
  • Framed System with 8-Point Vibration Isolation Mounts for Quite Operation
  • Modular system features 4-point Vibration Isolation Mounts for quiet operation
  • Intuitive HMI / PLC V4 Control System
  • Exclusive Marine Certified 7” Hi-res Touch Screen Display
  • Touch Screen Display Approved for Marine use by: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • One-Piece Aluminum Powder Coated Frame Construction
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Entire Series Upgradeable to 3,600 GPD
  • New NMEA 2000 compatible
  • Unique IP address for remote access
  • Built-in, on-screen troubleshooting
  • Small frame footprint
  • Ability to Relocate Pressure Vessel Assembly and Fresh Water Flush Assembly to Reduce Footprint
  • 316 SS Pressure Transducers
  • Visual indication of Product and Brine Flow
  • Programmable, fully automatic Fresh Water Flush with carbon block filter
  • Standard 40 sp. ft. Commercial Pre-filter
  • Dual hertz motors for 50 or 60 hertz operation
  • Multiple display station capabilities
  • Automatic Flush System
  • Flow Sensors
  • 316SS Pressure Transducers
  • Pre-treatment Lockout
  • Comprehensive Manuals with Exploded Views
  • One-piece Skid Mount Design

Available Accessories

Remote Display

Media Filter

Replacement Parts

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