DTS + Mobile RV washing

Spot-free RV Washing with DTS+ Mobile

Keeping an RV clean goes a long way in keeping it on the road for years to come. But whether it is on the road or at the end of the road, washing it can be a challenge. First, where to wash? Many RV parks prohibit RV washing, and most standard car wash bays don’t have the clearance for large rigs or the space to turn around. Second, how to get a spot-free wash? Hard water and soft water sources both leave calcium, sodium, and magnesium minerals behind, causing spotting when the water evaporates. It’s not only unsightly, but it can also permanently etch the finishes. And third, how to save time? Cleaning a rig is tedious, but necessary work. For professional detailers, RV cleaning contractors, and RV owners FCI Watermakers’ DTS+ Mobile can solve all three of these problems.

How it Works
It’s easy. Simply connect a garden hose to the DTS + Mobile spot-free water system, plug it into a standard utility outlet, and start making purified spot-free water! DTS + Mobile removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS), purifying water as low as 5 ppm, and leaves the RV with a spot-free shine.

Because the DTS + Mobile system eliminates minerals in the water, that means limited towel drying, cutting your time in half. The system is also designed to recover as much as 90% of the feed water, resulting in water conservation and cost savings.

Where to Use it
Anywhere you can connect to a water source! Equipped with large wheels and a lightweight design, DTS + Mobile spot-free water system is easy to use, compact, and it’s completely portable, making it convenient for those on the road and mobile contract washers.

How to Use it
No matter the size, make, or model of an RV—from the front bumper to the back bumper from the roof to the wheels—proper washing to remove dirt and road grime will help protect its value, and DTS + Mobile is designed for the task.

  • Roofs: Protect your roofs whether they are fiberglass or aluminum, with the DTS + Mobile spot-free water system.
  • Exteriors: DTS + Mobile is safe for all RV exteriors—metal, painted, or fiberglass and delivers a spot-free shine no matter the body type.
  • Canopies: Use the DTS + Mobile spot-free water system to rinse the dirt or dust from canopies so you can roll them up without the worry of mineral/scale buildup in the tracks and other areas you are never able to dry.
  • Gaskets and sealants: Keeping the rubber weather seals around windows, doors, and slides in an RV clean means fewer replacements. But water spots are also very visible on these after a wash. Use the DTS + Mobile spot-free water system to eliminate towel-drying these areas.
  • Tires and wheel covers: Keep shiny black tires shiny and your wheel covers looking like new with the DTS + Mobile spot-free purified water system.

With DTS + Mobile you can wash, rinse, and relax because the system produces spot-free water every time, and no additional tanks are needed. It’s the perfect solution:

  • No installation needed
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Preserves and Protects Paints and Finishes
  • Stores and transports easily

Learn more about how FCI Watermakers’ DTS + Mobile spot-free purified water system can benefit your RV cleaning business.