FCI Watermakers Yacht Upgrades

Upgrade Your Yacht with a World Class Watermaker

Yachts are made to look and feel luxurious – from the finished staterooms to comfortable and spacious salons and gleaming decks. 

However, like your home, a yacht can always use upgrades and new appointments – whether it’s an audio system that pumps out tunes or a diving platform so you and your guests can enjoy the warm waters of exotic locales.

While it’s great to have the exterior and interior looking their best, you don’t want to forget the systems and inner workings that can make life comfortable. 

Your vessels Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Icemaker, and Hot Water Tank allow you to feel right at home anywhere on the open ocean. Don’t forget about those engines that help cut your yacht through the open ocean while chasing your next adventure.

But what about one of the most vital aspects?

Your Reverse Osmosis Desalination System has to be ready and able to produce fresh, purified drinking water for a comfortable and extended time at sea. (Don’t forget that it makes crystal clear ice, because you can never have enough ice when you’re entertaining.)

The system that came with your yacht may be adequate, but there’s always room for improvement and upgrades. When you ask around, there’s an excellent chance that your circle of yacht owning friends have already taken the plunge and installed a commercial-grade RO filtration system.

You can improve your water situation, and spend more time out on the water, with a top of the line RO filtration system from FCI Watermakers.

For over 30 years FCI Watermakers has led the charge in Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems. Offering systems from 200 GPD up to 264,000 GPD and beyond.

Every FCI system is built in the USA at our company headquarters. So whether you are looking at our Aqualite 200 GPD system or our Atlas+ APC/DTS with Spot Free Double Pass system and beyond, The Difference is Clear with FCI Watermakers!

Regardless of the choice you make, our watermakers are equipped with features including:

  • High quality materials and components made to last in the harshest environments
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Digital controls
  • Vibration controls
  • Remote monitoring and control capabilities 

When you’re ready to outfit your yacht with a reverse osmosis system that’s as top-shelf and innovative as the rest of your craft, visit our website – or contact us. You’ll partner with an expert who will guide you through the process. And remember, customization is never a problem.

Why FCI?

For almost three decades FCI Watermakers has continued to develop industry-leading technologies and products that are designed to accommodate yacht owners who want the very best.

As a company, we stand behind every product we sell, and offer uncompromising customer service and technical support on our products. 

If you have questions contact the experts at FCI Watermakers. Our services also provide on-call availability and our technical support is unmatched.