Watermakers Add Safety, Convenience And Value To Boats

June 29, 2018

Boats are a lot like homes: upgrades and enhancements add to their comfort and livability, and increase their value. FCI Watermakers explores how adding a watermaker to a vessel is an investment that pays dividends in terms of safety and convenience, and sets it apart when it’s time to sell.

The ability to make pure, fresh water while at sea is liberating. Gone are the days of water frugality. With a watermaker, there’s more than enough for drinking, bathing, cooking and refilling supplies. And in case of mechanical trouble far from the nearest port, it can be a real lifesaver.

It’s a stretch to say that a watermaker improves boat performance, but less stored water means reduced weight. This translates into decreased fuel consumption for motoryachts and sportfishers, and improved speed for sailboats. The vessel’s range is extended to open up a whole new set of destinations.

Costing as much as a new multifunction electronics package or set of sails, a watermaker is a serious purchase. Yet, unlike some equipment that depreciates as soon as it’s put into service, quality units are built to last for years with only minimal maintenance. They can even save money when visiting a marina that charges for fresh water.

A quick review of any used boat website reveals that vessels which are impeccably maintained and continually upgraded to high standards command premium prices. These feature-filled offerings are coveted by savvy buyers who know that watermakers, thrusters, electronics and other high-end enhancements are a sign of serious pride in ownership.

FCI Watermakers builds units in the USA that will make between 200 to 260,000 gallons per day. Its watermakers are renowned for their quality construction and use of non-proprietary parts.

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