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What Sets FCI Watermakers Apart from the Rest? The Answer is Clear

At the forefront of water purification solutions for three decades, FCI Watermakers continues to set innovative standards for municipal, commercial, and industrial water purification needs across the globe. In an industry faced with challenges like the slow adoption of new innovations, stringent compliance regulations, and cost pressures, FCI Watermakers has always stayed one step ahead of the curve. How do they do it?

They focus on what matters most: their technology, their customers, and how their product or service makes a difference to the industries they serve.

Here are just six reasons why FCI Watermakers is a leader in providing clean water to the world:

Game-changing Pioneers

FCI pioneered the V4 Control System, which allowed features and automation never before seen in a marine water maker. These attributes have become standard in today’s marine desalinators and expanded to their commercial systems, including one-touch commands, multiple remote stations, modbus communication as standard, remote system control and monitoring on commercial applications.

Uncompromising Engineering

Intuitive engineering guarantees the longevity, durability, and performance of every specialized water purification unit. FCI’s system design optimizes water flow, while industrial-quality materials employed throughout the reverse osmosis system ensure robust operations.

Stellar Reliability

The marriage of its robust engineering and cutting-edge technology ensures consistent performance and durability of every product, even in the most challenging environments. FCI Watermakers prioritizes stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, from sourcing high-grade materials to rigorous testing procedures, so customers can trust that each unit meets or exceeds industry standards.

Extensive Experience

With over 30 years of hands-on involvement in designing, manufacturing, and servicing water purification systems, FCI has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that just cannot be replicated overnight—or even in 10 years. This experience translates into a deep understanding of the intricacies of water purification, enabling FCI to deliver solutions that are not only effective but also highly efficient and reliable.

Customer Focused

FCI Watermakers goes out of its way to solve problems by understanding its customers’ pain points so it can bring unmatched build quality and first-class customer support to seawater, brackish water, and municipal water industries.

International Reach

With a presence in 56 countries, FCI leverages its strategic partnerships and distribution networks to deliver clean water solutions to diverse markets and environments across maritime, commercial, and humanitarian sectors.

Discover for yourself what sets FCI Watermakers apart. Find your Watermaker today!